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Why is ArtistsOntheWay important?

Haven’t you heard of ArtistsOntheWay yet? Our platform is here to revolutionize the cultural industry landscape and make it possible for all types of artists and professionals to fill their schedules, while promoters are able to reduce costs when planning an event.

Want to know how? In today’s article we will try to explain what ArtistsOntheWay is and what is its important role in cultural management. Stay with us until the end and find out what AOW can do for you, whether you are an artist, technician, promoter, etc.


What is ArtistsOntheWay?

ArtistsOntheWay is a platform oriented to make the most of the cultural industry and that professionals who are dedicated to it can access contracts that help them to complement their agenda. On the other hand, it is designed for promoters and companies in charge of cultural management, which will have access to a database with dates when professionals and artists from the cultural world are near their location.

Therefore, the function of ArtistsOntheWay is to act as an intermediary so that employment opportunities grow among professionals in the sector and so that promoters and managers of these events can save on costs when it comes to closing their agenda.

In short, the goal of ArtistsontheWay is that artists can access contracts in a simpler way, while promoters will get lower costs by having professionals who are within their location, so they would save on travel and accommodation of the artist or professional.

This will be achieved through a large database in which promoters and artists can get in touch, making it possible for the agents involved in the cultural industry network to manage their relationships.


Why is AOW important?

Once we have seen and understood what Artist on the Way is, we can go on to explain its importance, otherwise it would be very difficult to understand. The cultural landscape has undergone many changes until reaching the current situation in which we have noticed that a platform like this was needed to give life back to the cultural industry, a fundamental pillar in the economy of a country.

ArtistsOntheWay is even more important now in these times in which the big agencies are disappearing in favor of much smaller production companies or self-management, as more and more people are taking charge of their own agenda.

In addition, we are experiencing a boom of quality artists in these times, professionals who have a harder time finding an opportunity and with ArtistsOntheWay they can get it.

Think about it. Of the supply of gigs that exist around the world, only 3-4% of them are for established bands, theater companies or major artists. But what about the other 96-97%? Well, until now many of them were lost because they could not meet the demand and those that did were through word of mouth. We are not saying that this method does not work but it certainly falls short to supply the great demand for cultural activities and that is why we believe it is important to implement Artist on the Way to stop missing opportunities and that the demand is covered.

It is clear that the cultural industry was lacking a tool like the one we have created in ArtistsOntheWay and it is that until now no one had used new technologies to meet the needs of artists and promoters of the cultural world. With all this, finally, what we are going to achieve is to enrich the cultural offer, helping promoters to get new professionals and artists at lower costs, without reducing the quality of the artists. At the same time, we will get artists to fill their schedules, being able to establish dates in which they will be in one or another location.

Not only that, but ArtistsOntheWay is set to be a great showcase for cultural activity. In addition to providing tools to artists and promoters, we do it with society in general, who are the ones who will ultimately consume all the culture and entertainment that moves the industry.

And if you want to know more about AOW and receive valuable content from the cultural industry, we invite you to follow closely the developments in our blog so you don’t miss anything.


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