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ArtistsOntheWay and the Cultural Industry after COVID

Canceled events, closed concert halls, theaters, a confinement… The cultural world has been one of the most damaged by the COVID-19 health crisis that has left countless losses in the sector. Now that the situation is clearing up, it is necessary to adapt to the new normality and it is in this scenario where ArtistsOntheWay will act as a key tool to get back to work as soon as possible.

COVID has made things difficult for all of us, even AOW has had to delay its release due to this situation. But as we say, things seem to be getting better and we can see the light behind the tunnel. We didn’t want to wait any longer because we believe that ArtistsOntheWay will be a key piece for the cultural world to recover part of the movement that the industry needs and that promoters, technicians and artists will appreciate the possibilities that this application can offer them after the Coronavirus.


What possibilities does ArtistsOntheWay offer promoters?

Cultural events have to adapt to the new regulations, which means complying with a series of protection and precautionary requirements such as the use of masks or the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people. In addition, public spaces dedicated to this type of events have seen their capacity reduced by between 20 and 75%, depending on the territory.

Promoters have to face a new scenario in which they must create events for fewer people, due to the capacity issue, but with security costs that may rise.

To cope with these higher costs and lower revenues, they will have to look for alternative ways to save money. ArtistsOntheWay is perfect for this, as our idea is that artists publish their schedule and places so that promoters from nearby locations can close their events.

This means that the promoter takes advantage of the fact that the artist or technician is already in that location, for whatever reason (work, personal, vacation, etc.), which saves on travel and accommodation costs.

By reducing these costs, the events can be much more profitable for the promoters and be able to face all those extraordinary measures they have to comply with for health reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


What possibilities does ArtistsOntheWay offer artists and technicians?

Artists and technicians are the other side of the coin and also the ones who have suffered the most in this crisis in the sector due to the pandemic. It’s not easy to get back on track, but we have to do it facing any situation that may arise.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many cancellations due to problems of rescheduling, capacity and security, and this means that the agenda of both artists and promoters can fluctuate much more than we would like. ArtistsOntheWay is the ideal ally for artists and technicians in this scenario, as they can fill those gaps with other events that can be found in the APP.

In addition, you can make your location and date visible by constantly updating your profile, so you can always find a last minute opportunity. Without forgetting to mention that in the auditions section you can opt for unique opportunities.

For all these reasons, we believe that ArtistOntheWay will be key when it comes to moving cultural management, putting promoters and artists in contact with an agreement that is more than advantageous for both parties.


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