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Self-management VS Representation Agencies

We are witnessing a new stage in which representation agencies are living their lowest hours as a large part of the artists are opting for self-management. People are less and less open to others handling their affairs and it is to these people that we must give tools so that they can carry out their activity.

In this sense, AOW comes to the market to cover this need that artists have and that nobody was worrying about. Now you can take your own agenda and go directly from managers and representatives, being yourself the one who controls what you want and what you don’t want to do.


What are representation agencies?

Representation agencies or management offices, as they are also known, are those that are in charge of representing and promoting artists through concerts, interviews or attending events sponsored by brands. Within the representation agencies we find one of the most talked about figures, the manager or artist representative. These are the people to whom artists delegate their agenda and are responsible for filling it with concerts, tours and other activities related to their career.

Among the functions of the manager or representative are those of being the legal representation of the artist and the one who manages and negotiates the issues for which the artist has authorized them. One of their advantages is that they have the necessary contacts within the industry that makes it easier for them to negotiate and reach areas that would be much more difficult to reach on your own.

A manager cannot be just anyone since there must be a relationship of trust between the artist and the person in charge of the representation of the artist so that everything flows well in the work. The legal representative has skills in audiovisual communication, as well as in public relations, advertising, marketing and negotiation, which has made him/her a key player in the professional development of many artists over the years.


Why should you opt for self-management?

On the other hand, we have an alternative option to representation agencies and that is self-management. With this, we will not have a person in charge of negotiating for us or finding us concerts, tests, etc., but it will be the artists themselves who will be in charge of their own agenda.

Previously we have seen what representation agencies consist of and what they can do for us, but we have not mentioned that this will be in exchange for a percentage of the benefits, which usually ranges between 10 and 30% of the artist’s cache.

Not many artists who are just starting their career can afford this expense and that is why self-management in these cases is almost obligatory. What happens is that the artist from its beginnings is used to self-manage everything about his career so if he manages to stand out, it is a line that he will follow to save the costs of an agent or manager.

If we think about it, we cannot forget that representation agencies are still companies and that, above all, they are going to look after their own profit. The truth is that no one is going to look after your interests more than you, and that is why self-management is becoming more and more important in the face of agents.


How does AOW help you manage your career?

Having seen both systems, here comes the question we are most interested in solving: How can ArtistsOntheWay help you to self-manage your career? As we have already mentioned, the representative or manager has a wide agenda of contacts to reach jobs that otherwise would be much more complicated to reach. This could make us think that artists who self-manage their career have access to fewer opportunities and the truth is that before it was so, but the AOW App will be your best ally in this regard.

As you already know, our platform works as an intermediary between promoters and artists, thus becoming a key tool when self-managing your career to access more job opportunities, casting, auditions, etc. In addition, it is the ideal tool to be able to fill our agenda when we are on tour or when you move to another place for whatever reason. By adding your availability in the APP during the selected dates and in the chosen location, you can get proposals from nearby promoters and increase your contacts within the industry.

It’s as simple as creating an account on the AOW app, available on both Android and IOS devices, and start filling your schedule, leaving the free slots you want to fill and setting the dates and location where you will be at any given time.

Save on representation costs and choose to self-manage your career, it’s the only way to make sure you do what you want, when you want. No pressure, no compromises. Self-management is the only way you can be completely free as an artist and as a professional.


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