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What’s new in ArtistsOntheWay?

In the last article we wanted to make clear to you what ArtistsOntheWay was and our importance within the cultural world and its management. Since then we have received great feedback and we noticed that you want to know more about this useful tool that aims to help artists and promoters so the communication flows and the cultural scene is enriched in all cities around the world.

If you have already downloaded our application you will have noticed that it already has a lot of different functionalities, which we will take a closer look at in the following points, but we want to focus on those latest additions that we have added to the application to make it even more efficient for artists to get job opportunities and promoters to access professionals that are close to their position.


ArtistsOntheWay ‘s functionalities

ArtistsOntheWay incorporates some basic functionalities so that users can access what they need. In addition, we are incorporating other new and necessary features that will make our APP much more complete and useful for all audiences.

Among these functionalities we have the profile, being able to choose between artist, technical specialist or promoter. If you have more than one occupation you will be able to create different profiles to keep your agenda separately. At this point you should also know that while the profiles of artists and technical specialists will be visible, the promoter will remain hidden, being the only one who can contact the artists and technicians directly, thus making their data visible to those contacts.

A key functionality in  ArtistsOntheWay application is the calendar, since there we will be entering and updating the days we have free and in which area we will be for those days. Remember that our value proposition is that artists and technicians take advantage of their days off during tours or vacations with events and that promoters save on expenses such as accommodation and travel, so the calendar is essential to have it updated.

In addition to the profile you will also find a section in which you can create your dossier as an artist or technical specialist, adding a summary of your experience, photos, your own website if you have one, etc..Everything that is necessary for the developer to know you better and to know if you fit with his project.

To these functionalities we should add the search engine, the chat for technicians, promoters and artists to communicate, the search to find artists near your position or the new functionalities of “Calls” and “Alerts”.


Access to calls near you

To tell you about this new functionality of calls ArtistsOntheWay APP, we are going to dedicate a separate point to it because this novelty deserves it. This is a tool for promoters, who will be able to create calls for castings, calls for programming, show-cases, auditions and similar events. When the promoter publishes his event in the calls section, it can be visited by artists and technicians.

If you are an artist or technician and you want to access the calls near your residence or the place where you are, you must access the main menu and then click on the calls button. In this section you can filter by scope, cache, discipline or dates, which will be very useful to make the search faster.

Each call will be accompanied by its corresponding details and we recommend you read them carefully to see if this fits your profile or what you are looking for. From this same option you can also register for the call, either by sending your dossier or by filling out the form provided by the promoter.

The promoter in turn will receive a list of candidates for your call and can manage it comfortably from your profile, which will receive a pdf with each application that you can download both on your PC and mobile device.


Make use of the ArtistsOntheWay Alerts and make your search easier

Finally we would like to talk about another new feature in our AOW application which is the alerts. It is very useful for the promoters since it will be this type of profile that will receive periodic email alerts. In these alerts they will receive a list of artists or technicians that will be in your same location on tour and that have free time to fill your cultural agenda.

As an artist, you decide if you want to appear in these alerts to the promoters or not, always trying that both parties are as compatible as possible and that everything ends up in a positive working relationship.

And this is all we had to tell you today so you can know a little more in depth all that ArtistOntheWay and its application have to offer both promoters and artists and technicians. Remember that you can download our app on your IOS and Android devices and that if you have any questions we are at your disposal, and don’t forget that we update the blog every week with information of interest to the cultural world!


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