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ArtistsOntheWay’s role within the industry

Culture and Creative Industry are those dedicated to areas of creation, production and distribution for cultural goods and services. Record companies, film industry, theater and publishers are examples of this, so you can imagine that we are talking about a very important industry for our world economy.

But which role does ArtistsOntheWay play inside the industry? This is what we want to talk to you about in this article, in which we want to express how we see ourselves inside the culture industry scene. Furthermore, this will be necessary for you to understand the need for a tool like the one AOW offers for the circulation of artists around the world and to encourage this cultural realm that was kicked by the effects of this worldwide sanitary pandemic.


What does ArtistsOntheWay give to the Cultural Industry?

ArtistsOnthWay shows up in the culture industry scene to satisfy an emerging necessity. The problem that we found in the show and culture business in general is that many artists want to take advantage of their free time during stays, tours or even vacations, but they don’t find the opportunity to do so. Filling the agenda is very important for artists and for technicians (sound, image, lights, etc.) aswell in order for them to be more productive.

At the same time, promoters of cultural and artistic events, as well as managers, owners of the different spaces, etc., will be able to know everything about artists availability in a certain period within their stay. This also implies savings, given that the artist’s transport and hosting is usually one of the highest costs.

The fact that artists themselves can complete their calendars adding the places where they will be with their corresponding dates, allows promoters to take advantage of this reducing costs and opening an enormous group of possibilities. This will place AOW as the best leisure guide in the whole world, and for that reason we’ll try to open ourselves to the public.

Finally, with ArtistsOntheWay we want to achieve the highest efficiency of the market, preventing  artists from having unproductive days and allowing promoters to elaborate their programs in advance and at lower cost.


ArtistsOntheWay as a self-management tool for artists

The fact that the amount of high quality artists is multiplying is real since the artistic activity has been democratized because of the technological advances, the development of artistic education or its valuation by society. These little artists or technicians see their possibilities more limited, and the options available regarding representation agencies are lower each day in favor of self-management.

In this scenario, ArtistsOntheWay makes its star appearance, allowing artists and professionals from the culture realm to manage their agendas and obligations comfortably from the app. This helps them with the costs of manager’s fees, increasing their performance earnings.

With all that, AOW will give benefits to the culture industry, democratizing culture, reducing costs, getting better availability of economic resources for cultural schedules, increasing artistic hiring or placing culture as the economic realm and of vital consumption.


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