ArtistsOntheWay will be at WOMEX Oporto 2021

By the end of October 2021, the great world festival called WOMEX will be held in the city of Porto, Portugal. This great event gathers professionals of the music industry and receives visitors from more than 90 countries. The fair will take place at the Congress Center of Alfândega do Porto where a large fair will be located with more than 300 stands and a space enabled for the series of conferences.

And of course, ArtistsOntheWay will be present at this new edition to present our APP. Undoubtedly; this is the perfect scenario to highlight the value of the tool we have created to encourage contact between promoters and artists, something that WOMEX Oporto 2021 will be full of. In the following lines, we will tell you what this festival is about, and how we will participate in it.


What is WOMEX and where will it take place in 2021?

WOMEX, Worldwide Music Expo, is one of the most important events worldwide in terms of music fairs. It is an event specialized in worldwide music (which makes it more cosmopolitan) and invites artists and promoters from all over the world to attend.

The first edition of this fair took place in Berlin in 1994. Since then, this fair has been held all over Europe, in countries such as Brussels, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Seville, Copenhagen, Santiago de Compostela, Rotterdam, Budapest, or Cardiff, among others. This great fair, which is considered the number one platform within the music industry worldwide, has already been held in all these cities, and now it is the turn of Oporto, where the 2021 edition of WOMEX will take place.

This edition, which will have a Portuguese touch, will take place from October 27 to 31, 2021, and the city is already getting prepared to host the 300 stands that will be installed in the enabled enclosure and the more than 2,800 delegates who will come to visit them. The stands are one of the main attractions of the festival since this is a good way for artists, agents, event promoters, technicians, and other agents involved in the cultural and musical scene to contact each other.

In addition, the event will have a series of conferences in which some of the best-known activists and thinkers of the musical world could be listened to, being a total of 80 who will participate in these talks. In addition, there will be 60 showcase concerts, where artists will be allowed to perform in front of promoters, agents and journalists to become known.

The WOMEX Oporto 2021 event will be covered by more than 300 journalists from all corners of the world, representing more than 400 media from 90 different countries. With this, the international projection of the event will be more than guaranteed.


AOW presents its APP for Promoters and Artists at WOMEX Oporto 2021

As you can see from everything described above, WOMEX is an event in which AOW fits perfectly, and that is why we have secured our participation for the 2021 edition, which will take place in Oporto. As you can see, this is a great opportunity for promoters, artists and the rest of the agents of the music and cultural sector, to create links and relate to each other, which is just what ArtistsOntheWay is looking for with its application.

It is great that there are fairs and events like WOMEX, but we must be aware that these are quite limited. The AOW APP doesn’t stop being a great WOMEX but in the palm of your hand, since from there both artists and technicians and promoters can make themselves known and get opportunities that may otherwise be lost.

Letting these people know about our tool is fundamental, and taking advantage of these fairs is key, for the community that we are trying to gather in our APP to grow every day. The greatness of the WOMEX event is already being noticed in our application and we have noticed how many participants of WOMEX Oporto 2021 are noting their presence in the city in the AOW calendar.


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