How does ArtistsOntheWay help the Promoters work?

ArtistsOntheWay’s mobile application has a very clear target audience and they are the agents involved in the cultural world: promoters, artists and technicians. To understand our APP you will need to be very clear about how it works and in what aspects it can help each of these agents. For this, in today’s article we are going to talk about event promoters, what they are, what their functions are and how AOW can help promoters in their work.

What is an event promoters?

The event promoter is the person in charge of publicizing events, a person with extensive knowledge in the advertising and public relations sector. We must not lose sight of the figure of the promoter as the person who, in the vast majority of cases, is in charge of working with many different people who will be part of the final project. From the negotiations with artists to the hiring of the technical personnel necessary to carry out the event, as well as the accounting staff.

When a company hires the services of an event promoter, they will be given a budget to which they must adhere. If the promoter exceeds this initial budget, profits may decrease and this is something that the sponsors of these events are not very happy about.

In short, the promoter is responsible for promoting the event and working with the agents that will be part of it: bands, musicians, club and venue owners, etc. But to better understand what an event promoter is, we’d better move on to the next point where we’ll break down the functions of the promoter.


Functions of the Event Promoter

As we have been saying, the event promoter has a lot of functions and issues to take care of so that the whole event goes perfectly. His job is to make people know about the event and to control every detail so that both artists and the public are happy with the organization.

Among the functions of an event promoter we can highlight:

  •  Establishing relationships with bands and agents to arrange shows.
  • Booking the event venue for the established date.
  • Negotiate with the bands for the earnings, lodging, backline, transportation and everything else they need.
  • Find opening acts for the different shows
  • Promote the event in local press, radios, through billboards and digital marketing campaigns in the networks.
  • Perform sound checks and other functions so that the event runs 100% smoothly.


How ArtistsOntheWay can help promoters

Having seen all of the above, we can now talk about how ArtistsOntheWay can help event promoters, cultural managers and other entrepreneurs in the sector. The first thing to remember is that the promoter must be a person with a wide network of influences in order to get the contact of bands or artists willing to participate in the event.

Normally this happens by mouth to mouth, or word to mouth, a rudimentary but effective method in many occasions. What we do find is that it is not enough, which means that many events stop taking place because the promoters do not have access to the product they need. This is where the AOW tool comes in as it will show them free artists and technicians to work near their location who are looking to fill the gaps in their schedules.

This is also beneficial from a budgetary standpoint. Remember that, as we have told you before, promoters more often than not have to adapt to a pre-set budget and this is not usually very easy. One of the factors that can take the most money out of the budget is the issue of getting artists, who have to be paid for travel and accommodation.

But, if you use the ArtistsOntheWay APP you will be able to find artists and technicians who are already in your location, so that travel and accommodation cost is something you can save. With that part of the budget you can ensure that the artist is paid what he or she deserves, thus establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

AOW not only seeks to help the promoter, it seeks a synergy between the main players in the cultural sector so that there is a greater supply of events around the world, thus reactivating the cultural activity with a much needed boost in an industry that moves millions of euros worldwide.

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