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Information is power and to get the most out of the ArtistsOntheWay APP you must know all the functionalities and tools that are included in it. This is the reason why we have started a series of articles on our blog in which we are describing one by one the functions that will help promoters and artists meet and reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

 Today we have to talk about this “Search” functionality that will be essential for promoters when it comes to closing their projects with the right artists and technicians. Not only will they be able to make use of this tool, the same artists can also access the search system for various reasons, but we will see those later. Whether you are a promoter or an artist, pay attention because this information interests you.


How the AOW Search System Works

Entering the search function of ArtistsOntheWay is very simple and we will only have to go to the main page of the APP. In it you will find the “Search” option, just the one we need to carry out our search for specialized artists and technicians. Click on this option and a calendar will appear in which you can select the range of dates in which you are going to need the professional you are looking for. Once the dates have been established, you can choose the search country, the province and, also, if you want to find artists on tour, local or all. Finally, we can choose the discipline in which we are interested, being able to filter by styles and specific type of artist that we need.

But this is not the only search option that we have available, we can also perform a search by area and another by name, the latter being the most direct and designed for those who are looking for a specific artist. When you find the artist or artists you need, you can enter her profile and access her dossier. You will also be able to see its availability calendar, if it is public, save it in favorites or start a chat conversation in which you can start negotiating and ask the questions you need before making your decision.

 As you can see, it is a very simple method that helps the promoter to find the most appropriate profile for her needs without having to see all the people registered in the application. On the other hand, being able to narrow your search by dates or places will make this task of finding artists and technicians for the events you have scheduled easier.


Why use Search tool as a Promoter?

 If there is something you must be very clear about already about ArtistsOntheWay, it is that its main mission is to unite promoters and artists so that the former can meet the demand they need and that the latter take advantage of it, thus filling in the dates they have free in their calendar. To make it possible for both agents that influence the cultural scene to come together and carry out more projects every day, it is absolutely necessary for promoters to make use of the search tool.

 With it they will be able to get exactly what they are looking for, even if it is a specific artist, since we can also do searches directly by names. All this, with a view to making that communication easier and that in the end the promoters can get the profile that best suits what they need, in addition to being available both on the date and in the location where it is requested. required.

 Searches are the most valued tool by promoters who register on the AOW APP every day since this allows them to directly find the people who fit perfectly within the profile they are looking for, at the time they are looking and at the place they are looking for. As you already know, promoters cannot be searched in our application, only the profiles of technicians and artists will be visible, something that will also depend on the type of privacy chosen by each person when creating their profile.


Can I use the Search tool with an Artist profile?

 Threading with the previous point, we have already told you that promoters do not appear in searches, only artists and technicians, and it is logical that now you have the question in mind: Can artists and technicians search ArtistsOntheWay? The answer is yes, although not from promoters, but from artists and technicians. An artist can look for others or technicians if they need it.

 For example, suppose a band loses its guitarist at the last minute and needs to find a replacement for him. You could open the ArtistsOntheWay APP and do a search for this profile to help you carry out the function. This is one of the many situations that could arise for an artist or technician to need the search tool. At AOW we like to have everything well tied together and that is why we have also implemented the Search tool in the profiles of technicians and artists to eliminate this type of problem and others of the kind.

To take advantage of this and more tools to help develop more projects, you just have to download the APP. To take advantage of this and more tools to help develop more projects, you just have to download the APP.

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