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ArtistsOntheWay and its technological contribution

From a series of estimates we have made, we have come to the conclusion that only 3-4% of the cultural offer and live performances are made by big bands or renowned companies. Undoubtedly, this type of artist will not need a tool like ArtistsOntheWay, but what about the remaining 96-97%? According to our study, about 25-45% of the potential days of work for the remaining artists and technicians is lost by not meeting the demand.

The final problem we found is that promoters keep using traditional mouth to mouth methods to find artists and cultural professionals. This method is very rudimentary and often fails to meet the demand. Times are moving forward and we must bring technology closer to all sectors. In this sense, the cultural sector had been left behind and that is why ArtistsOntheWay and its application were born and will be a key tool in this process.


ArtistsOntheWay’s APP as a Self-Management Tool

There is no doubt about the great importance of the cultural industry at a national, European and global level. However, there are still many needs in this industry to be covered, such as those necessary to put an end to the difficulties that producers or promoters have in locating an artist or professional that fits their program. The same happens the other way around, and there are great professionals in the world of culture with great ideas that find it very difficult, if not impossible, to find a promoter to help them bring that idea to life.

To put an end to this problem AOW was born, a platform based on new technologies and the potential offered by the world of the Internet and social networks. This is how ArtistsOntheWay will cover the needs of both artists and promoters, to which there is still no solution:

  • Optimization of resources to start up the activity, in which a large part goes on transfers and lodging for artists and technicians.
  • Increase the number of bookings in the time they have to do so, allowing them to make the most of their agenda.
  • To offer a technological tool that helps self-management, a method that is gaining ground over representation agencies.
  • To ensure that contractors have the best conditions for their hiring so that they can offer better economic formulas without lowering their cache.


 How the ArtistsOntheWay application works and its features

To summarize, the AOW APP allows artists to be able to publish their free dates and the location where they will be during their booked tours, vacations and other types of stays. This is the main function of the APP and you will find it in the “My Calendar” section. Promoters, on the other hand, can locate artists with profiles that match what they are looking for, using the filters by geographic location and dates, a function that will be available in the “Search” function.

With this we will make promoters aware of the artists they have available in the area, which will also lower the booking costs without reducing their cache. This is thanks to the fact that the artist is already in your location, so you save on travel and accommodation costs, one of the most damaging aspects for promoters’ budgets.

The search filters also include various disciplines and artistic sectors of the industry, which will be chosen by users when creating their profile, in the “My Dossier” function.

Ultimately, the application is oriented to put in contact the agents involved in the cultural sector, thus achieving greater contract opportunities in a satisfactory operation for both parties.

The ArtistsOntheWay application is composed of other subsystems with different and well-defined tools. These will be developed under the most modern technology in web development, having as main model the Mobile First trend as more and more people have replaced the use of PC by the Smartphone.


Inicio aplicación de ArtistsOntheWay