The importance of ArtistsOntheWay in the circulation of artists

If it is already difficult to succeed in the art world, imagine if we also limit ourselves geographically. This is a serious mistake, but there are not many other alternatives to launching an adventure, something that not everyone dares to do. That’s why we think that tools like ArtistsOntheWay can contribute a lot in this sense to the cultural world.

We must not forget that AOW operates in both hemispheres, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for artists, technicians and promoters to discover. Why not take advantage of your vacation trip to look for new opportunities in a city or country different from your own? This is precisely one of the fundamental values of the ArtistsOntheWay application and we want to make it very clear in the following article.


Artistic circulation circuits: the web and visibility operators

After an exhaustive research we have detected that the number of quality artists has increased considerably in the last two decades. We have also noticed that artistic activity has become more democratized and this has been helped by the technological advances we all have within our reach. The development of artistic education, as well as the acceptance and appreciation by society of this sector, understood as a very important sector for society and the economy, is what has managed to consolidate the artistic activity being seen as a way of life within the professional sectors.

For the world to be aware of this evolution and change, it is necessary to bet on the tools that allow to make known all the art that is being produced and that this is able to reach all corners of the world. In this sense, the Internet and web pages open up a world full of possibilities, something very important in general and in these times in particular. The arrival of COVID has been a very hard blow for artists, affecting the production, distribution and consumption of cultural goods, which has had negative effects on the world economy.

It has been estimated that the effects of COVID19 on culture go beyond the symbolic value, with losses in industries such as the film industry being quantified at more than 10 billion US dollars. Now that things are calmer, reactivation should be imminent because, as has been demonstrated in these months of confinement, culture has the power to calm anxiety and heal the mind.

In this social and cultural context, new forms of artistic circulation will be presented and developed, which is a real change. It is in this scenario where ArtistsOntheWay wants to operate, becoming the reference application for new artists to expand their frontiers and access unique opportunities outside their usual location.


ArtistsOntheWay role in artist circulation as a visibility operator

If you already know how ArtistsOntheWay operates, you probably know how things are already going and what role we will play in making artists and other workers in the cultural world gain visibility. But, if not, here is a brief summary: AOW presents itself as an intermediary for artists and technicians to find more job opportunities to fill their agenda while promoters can save on expenses such as accommodation or transportation of the artist, who would already be in your area.

In the area of visibility and promoting the circulation of artists, our calls section within the APP will be important. Here promoters will be able to create castings, calls, show-cases, which can be a great opportunity for artists and technicians to take the leap and get out of that comfort zone in which they feel limited.

Therefore, ArtistsOntheWay as a platform for interaction between knowledge, creation, art, technology and business, is positioned in a strategic place from which to drive innovation and profit generation. That is why the objectives of AOW are to dynamize and facilitate collaboration between companies, entities and professionals of culture and art; to manage the relationships between the participants of this entire network of value delivery of the cultural industry; to facilitate the self-management of cultural collectives; to reduce costs for promoters and facilitate contracts for artists; and, ultimately, to generate the largest cultural guide on the planet, in real time, self-managed and accessible to all.


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