AOW, a new cultural management system

The AOW app is presented as a new cultural management system within the industry and in order for you to better understand what our role is within the cultural world we will have to start from the beginning.

In the following article we will look at what cultural management is and what its objectives are because only then will we be able to explain more clearly how ArtistsOntheWay is going to participate in the cultural panorama and how this helps the agents involved in it to generate greater links from any corner of the world.


What is cultural management and what are its objectives?

In order not to put the cart before the horse, we must first look at what we are talking about when we refer to cultural management. Well, it is defined as a field of study that will be responsible for providing the necessary tools to create, develop, manage, undertake and evaluate projects in the field of organizations, institutions and companies in the field of cultural and creative industries.

This was born out of the need of the sector that saw how the demand for products and services in this sector increased considerably. Cultural and creative management professionals are the intermediary agent between the arts and creative professions and the competencies in management, administration, cultural policies, financing, leadership, cooperation, entrepreneurship, etc.

Cultural management organizations, depending on their purpose, can be divided into: representation or management agencies, cultural production companies, distribution companies or a combination of all or part of the above.

To see the objectives of cultural management we will have to make a division since the objectives vary according to their legal nature, we are talking about the private sector and the public sector. The private sector will have profitability as its main objective, although this is not always the case, since cultural management is often part of a much larger strategy. This can be seen in financial institutions or social purposes such as NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

For their part, public administrations have as a priority objective social purposes related to cultural duties and rights, which means that their mission is to guarantee the quality and accessibility of the cultural services and goods offered.

It should also be mentioned that there is a middle ground, as there are organizations with mixed objectives between profitability and social accessibility, such as a public space managed by a private company.


Why do we consider ArtistsOntheWay a new cultural management system?

We are aware that we are not the first to use technological means to promote cultural management. Many websites have been developed in the cultural field in the last few years but most of them have ended up collapsing. The reason is no mystery and is that most of these platforms have ended up giving more importance to the dissemination of information about events or institutions than in the management of this information or the implementation of services that benefit cultural operators.

This is a problem that is even more acute in less developed cultural sectors such as the performing or musical arts. That is why the implementation of a tool such as ArtistsOntheWay can revolutionize the cultural world and become a different and forward-looking management system.

ArtistsOntheWay will not forget about this diffusion, but it will be something complementary in our case and not the main thing. Our objective is to make the intervening agents have access to greater opportunities and that both demand and supply end up meeting in order to carry out the event. In addition to presenting itself as a self-management alternative for those who have forgotten about managers or representatives and are the ones who manage their own agenda.

The AOW application has been able to use all the good things of technology and the 2.0 world to create this new cultural management system that benefits both promoters or organizers and artists. Undoubtedly, a very innovative system in the sector and with an amazing future projection.


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