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AOW Functions: Share

Welcome to one more episode of this carousel of articles in which we are trying to clarify each and every function of the ArtistsOntheWay application. From the team, it seems key to us that to get the most out of our APP you have to go through each of its functionalities and so that you do not have to discover them one by one, we leave you this guide in which we take stock of all they. Today SHARE.

 In the middle of the digital age, sharing information with others is essential and that is what this functionality brings to our application. Being able to find a profile and share it or use your AOW dossier to pass it on to people who might be interested in your work are advantages that not everyone enjoys. But, we will see all this more calmly in the following lines, are you staying with us to find out?


What is the Share feature on AOW for?

 If you want to get the most out of your ArtistsOntheWay profile, you can use it to reach more people and make it another tool in your self-distribution tasks. Creating a dossier in the AOW APP will not only help you to show yourself on the platform and be discovered by promoters interested in your profile, but it can also help you in your external work.

 With just one click you can send your dossier directly to the desired contact, taking them directly to your AOW profile. If the recipient does not have the APP, this link will take them directly to the download platform to get hold of it, access the download and be able to consult your profile. In addition, by sharing your dossier you will be able to share your calendar and availability, which will save you a lot of time in having to inform each person interested in hiring you of your availability.

 Now that you know what this tool is for, you have to know where to find this option. To do this, you must go to your profile and in it you will find a Share button, with an arrow icon. By clicking on it, it will take you to the different means of distribution by which you can share the link so that the interested person can visit your profile.


What means can I use to share my dossier and calendar?

 As you can guess, we want our tools to be as useful as possible for users and that is why we have added the most common distribution methods to be able to share our AOW profile with interested people. When you click on the Share button that you will find within your profile, the different available means will appear, to distinguish between:


-Messaging services (Outlook Mail, Gmail, etc.)




 Once we have selected the means by which we are going to share our dossier and calendar, we will be able to choose the person to whom we want to send it and they will receive a notification with a link that will take them directly to your dossier, or in case of not having the APP installed , to the market where you can get it.


I have found an artist on ArtistsOntheWay, can I share her profile with my partner?

 The usual thing is that the task of selecting the artists and technicians does not depend on a single person, so the option of being able to share the profiles that interest us becomes essential for promoters. In all the profiles of artists and technicians we will have the option to Share by the means that we have previously described.

 Therefore, if you are searching for an artist and you see a profile that may fit what you are looking for, you will only have to click on share and send the interested person’s dossier to the rest of the team in charge of the selection. This is great when you are doing a great search and there is more than one person in charge of it, being able to group the artists that best fit the profile in the different means by which they can be shared.

Now that you have the knowledge of what the share function is for, we invite you to start moving!

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