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AOW Functions: Radar

At ArtistsOntheWay, we like for our users to have everything related to our APP very clear, and that’s why we are going to continue with this series of articles, in which we will know and analyze one by one, the functions that you will have available in the AOW application. Today, we are going to talk about another of the functions that you will find in ArtistsOntheWay: the Radar functionality. This is one of the most useful and different tools you will have, since it will allow promoters to reach more easily those artists they are interested in.

For this function, we will be very brief because it is simple to understand, and easy to use. However, we didn’t want to leave any loose end, and that’s why here we are going to clarify what this radar function consists of, how it is used, and how it helps us to continue promoting cultural activity around the world.


What is the Radar Function?

A radar is a device that uses electromagnetic waves, to measure from distances to altitudes, as well as directions and speeds of both, static and moving objects, such as a vehicle or a person. Our radar is going to focus on people, especially on those artists who are already registered in our mobile application.

The radar function is nothing more than a tool that we give to promoters, so that they can access those artists whose profile matches what they are looking for, or who they have simply fallen in love with their work. By activating this tool, promoters will be able to find artists whose dates don’t match in the desired territory.

Let’s explain it better, if a promoter is interested in an artist who is not in his territory and won’t be available (at least a priori), on the dates he needs him; he can activate the radar which will track the artist’s movements. If, finally, the artist is free on the selected dates and location, ArtistsOntheWay will activate the alert for the promoter, so that he/she will be the first to know about the availability of the artist he/she was looking for.


How to use the AOW Radar

So far you already know what this feature of the AOW APP consists of, but we still have more to do. If you are one of those promoters who have already registered in ArtistsOntheWay, or you are thinking about doing it, you need to know how to activate the radar for your favorite artists. Don’t worry if you aren’t very tech-savvy because it is a very simple process that you will understand perfectly after these lines.

The first thing you need to activate the radar for an artist is to have the artist so, if you have already found him, click on his profile to open it. Once inside, on the right side, next to the artist’s score, you will have the option to activate the radar. Click on it to open a new screen where we will activate the parameters of our radar.

The next step, in this new tab, is to add the location in which we are interested in finding the artist, and also the dates on which you need that artist to be in that place. Once you have filled in these two fundamental data, you can activate the radar to be notified if this artist will be available in your location on the dates selected in your alert.


What is the AOW Radar for and how does it help us?

To finish this article we want to make clear the function of this tool that we have added in the ArtistsOntheWay application, which facilitates searches for promoters. As we mentioned before, it is a function that’s perfect when we are looking for the availability of a specific artist, for a specific date and location.

The promoter activates the radar and waits to see if the artist will finally be available on the dates we are looking for in our location. If so, AOW will send directly an internal message to the promoter notifying him of the availability of that artist, in addition to receiving an email to the email address used to register in the APP.


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