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AOW Functions: Convocations

We keep on reviewing the applications/functions that both promoters and artists can find in the ArtistsOntheWay APP. Today we are going to focus on the convocations function of the main menu, which has different purposes depending on whether you are a promoter, in charge of creating these Convocations, or artists and/or technicians, who will sign up for the convocations that fit their profile.

For you to have everything much clearer, we provide you this guide in which you will know about the  convocations function, how to use it and what are the benefits it brings to promoters, technicians and artists. Are you looking for new opportunities? AOW is here to provide them.


What is the Convocations Function of ArtistsOntheWay?

The convocations function is one of the main innovations of the AOW APP, and it is a fundamental tool for promoters to reach more artists and technicians that fit the profile they are looking for. With this option, the promoter will be able to create convocations that can range from show-cases to casting or other types of proposals and schecheduling. These will reach the artistic profiles that correspond to the parameters that have been assigned when creating the convocation, to ensure that these convocations will be attended by people with the right profile.

So, if you are an artist or technician and you are looking for new opportunities to make yourself known and perform or work in front of a new audience, or for a new company, AOW can help you with the convocations that you will find within our application. In addition, promoters will be able to choose from multiple profiles for their project, being able in this way to make a selection before choosing the artist or technician that best fits their project.

After explaining what this convocation function is about, we will explain how to use it from both sides: as an artist or technician and as a promoter who wants to create one of these convocations.


How to use the Convocations function in AOW?

One of the goals of AOW is to become the link between technicians, artists and promoters, so that the cultural activity resurges after this convulsive stage that we have had to live after the pandemic. Therefore, it is normal that our tools are oriented to these people and that they vary according to the type of profile they have created. This is exactly what happens with the Convocations function, which will be different for promoters and artists, the former being the ones in charge of creating them and the latter the ones who can sign up for them if their profile fits what is sought. To know how to use the convocations function it is mandatory to do it separately and that is why in the following points we will explain how to use this tool depending on whether you belong to one group or another.


How to use the Convocations for Proposals tool being an artist or technician?

Artists and technicians can apply to the different convocations that have been created by promoters who are looking for profiles similar to theirs. In the main menu you will find the convocations function and once you click on them, you will see a list of open convocations that match your profile. In addition, you can use the filters to find those convocations that best match what you are looking for. In these filters you can assign the scope, minimum and maximum cache, start and end dates, country, province and discipline.

To access the details of each convocation, just click on them to see all the information (description, title, scope, type of convocation and who created it). From that same screen we will also be able to register to the convocation, having to fill in a form or attach your AOW dossier, depending on what the promoter has assigned.

There is a second tab in the convocations section designated as Registrations, from which you can access all the convocations you have been assigned to register for and have control over these appointments.


How to use the Convocations tool as a Promoter?

From a promoter account the situation is quite different because here your intention is not to find work but to find workers, in this case artists or technicians. In the main menu you will find the Convocations tool and from there you can create your own.

Creating convocation in ArtistsOntheWay is very intuitive since, once we click on the option to create convocation, we will only have to follow the steps that will guide us. It is mandatory to give a title to your convocation, explain briefly what it is about, the name of the organizing entity and the type of convocation before launching your proposal. Subsidiary you can also add an image and continue the creation by adding the subject of the convocation and the type of artist you want for it. Finally we will have to add the start and end date of the event and the country and province where it will take place. Continue adding your web page and selecting the type of information you want to obtain from the artists that are going to sign up for your convocation, choosing between:

-Advertising only: this is the option you should use if you want to manage the applications to the convocation externally to AOW.

-AOW dossier only: choose this option if you want the applicants to attach their ArtistsOntheWay dossier.

– Basic or Advanced Information: if you want the artists to fill in a form with the data you will need, check this option and select the parameters to take into account.

And we reach one of the most important moments, which is the economic proposal. Here you must add how much the minimum and maximum cache is, and in addition you’ll find the option to add what the promoter will be responsible for, such as meals, accommodation or transportation. If we choose any of the previous options, we will have to request the price for it on the part of the artist.

We cannot omit a deadline for registration in our convocation, which will be one of the last steps to be taken. We will also be able to provide certain documentation and make a list of the documents that we will require from the artists. Finally, you only have to choose the scope between the international, national or local options. Once you have done this, you can publish your call, but keep in mind that once published you cannot make any changes to it.

Once created, we will only have to click on the card of our convocation to check the artists who have signed up, as well as being able to access there to the information that we have required from each of them.


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