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AOW Functions: My Calendar

For the AOW team it is very important that you are clear about the functionalities of the ArtistsOntheWay application because only by knowing the tool you will be able to use it in the most efficient way. To begin with this group of articles in which we will talk about functionalities we have decided to talk about the “Calendar” since it will be key for you to start gaining visibility within the application.

This article is more practical than theoretical, so we will skip the entries and go straight to what you all want to know: how to enter your availability in ArtistsOntheWay and why it is important to update your calendar within the application.


Why is the calendar function important in ArtistsOntheWay?

In the calendar we find one of the most important features of the application since you will be able to note your availability by date and by location. Remember that AOW’s main value proposition is to save costs for promoters when it comes time to finding artists and technicians, while at the same time they find new jobs to fill those empty gaps that remain empty in the agenda. Therefore, it is essential that we have those days off in our calendar so that promoters can access our profile if we find ourselves available on the dates and locations that the organizer needs.

Once you install the application and create an account, you will be able to access the “My Calendar” section where you can start entering the dates you have available and the location where you will be for those days. How? we will see it in the next point, in this simply should be clear to you why you should pay close attention to this section if you want to get the most out of the AOW APP.

Our application is designed so that events can be carried out without problems when it comes to finding qualified personnel, both technical and artist. At this point, and as we mentioned before, the key is also to save costs for the promoters. If they can get an artist or technician who is already in your location, travel and accommodation expenses will be covered beforehand and it is a part of the budget that the promoter will save without undermining the professional’s salary.

This being so, you will understand that it is essential when it comes to finding new work opportunities in ArtistsOntheWay that we have our calendar well structured and make it visible to promoters who may be interested by date and location. All this we will see better in the next point.


How to set my availability through My Calendar

The main thing to do before you can start setting any available dates in your AOW calendar is to create an account if you don’t already have one. The process is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes to complete your registration. Once inside, in the main menu you will find the “My Calendar” section and that is where we can start entering the dates we are available for.

To add a new availability, you only have to enter the calendar and click on the day of arrival and click on the day of departure. Once you have chosen the time range, you will let them know in which location we will be located for the assigned dates. By default, all availabilities will be synchronized in your calendar, so you will only have to create it once, which is a help to make this work more comfortable. In addition, you will be able to assign the months in which you want to notify the promoters of your availability through the email alert. Finally, you will also be able to add a comment in Remarks for each availability.

If once you have created your availability you want to make any changes within a range of dates, just select the date you want to modify to display a menu. In it we will be able to change dates, locations, block days to remove them from your availability, check the current information, delete the date or make a change of location. This is very useful because as your commitment and agenda changes, you will be able to make all the necessary modifications.

In the My Calendar section there are two distinct tabs, the left one being the calendar and the right one the “List” section where you can check your dates with their different comments. In addition, if you click on the gear at the top right, next to your profile picture, you can assign privacy to your calendar. Thus, you can select who can see your availability, you can open it to everyone, limit it to promoters, to other artists or leave it private so that only you can see it.


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