AOW Functions: Alerts

The next tool of the ArtistsOntheWay APP that we are going to know and analyze is the Alerts tool, which is one of the latest additions that has arrived to make it much easier for promoters to receive useful content. In addition, artists will also have the option to activate this function from their point of view to appear or not to appear in such alerts.

Therefore, we will have to look at this feature from both the promoter’s and the artist’s point of view. But first, let’s be clear about what this function is and how it helps ArtistsOntheWay make things even easier for the agents in charge of starting up the cultural sector. Interested in learning more? Then read on because what follows will surprise you.


What is ArtistsOntheWay Alerts function?

As we told you before, this is one of the latest tools that have been incorporated into our APP , and the fact is that we are  constantly evolving to make it easier for promoters and artists to coincide and for all the cultural events in the world to take place, without suffering cancellation due to lack of supply and demand. For this reason, we considered that the alerts were essential, since not everyone can be in the application and be checking one by one who will be in their location within the dates that the promoter needs.

To make this task much easier, promoters will have the option to activate alerts, which are emails that will be sent periodically and include a list of those artists who are in your area on certain dates.

The fact that these alerts are only received by promoters doesn’t mean that artists won’t find this tool in their ArtistsOntheWay profile: nothing could be further from the truth. Each artist can activate or deactivate the option of appearing in these alerts, thus having full control of their dates and time, something that is essential for AOW.


How to appear in AOW Alerts: Artists?

Therefore, artists have the option to appear or not in these lists of alerts that promoters will receive, or in which ones to appear and in which ones not to appear. The artists will have the opportunity to choose whether they will appear in these alerts or not, for this, we will have to go to our calendar. Once there, we can create or edit our availability. If you click on a date and click on edit, there you will have the option “The alert will be communicated to the Promoters” and you will have a tab with your choice. By default it will appear as “Not selected”, but by editing we will be able to change it by clicking inside. Once there, we will be able to select the months we want to appear in the alerts.

When you have selected the available months to send an alert to promoters near that location, the work will be finished and we will only have to wait. This is a very good option to attract the attention of promoters and reach them in a simple and effective way.


How the Alerts tool helps Promoters?

But if you have a promoter profile, your task with the Alerts tool will be to activate them to receive that periodic email with the artists that will be in our location on the dates we need. It is very simple too; just pay attention to the following words.

The first thing we will do is go to the main menu and go to our profile. If you notice, in the promoter profile there is a small bell that is nothing else than the alerts icon. The panel that we will find when we click on the icon will show us two holes. The first one will show the email address you validated when you created your AOW account. In this section you can modify it if you want, although it is not really what we are interested in this case.

It is in the lower part where we must observe, since there we will have the option to receive alerts when new artists come to your city. By default, you will see the option “Alerts Disabled” but you just have to click on it to display new options. The first one is to activate the alerts either on a biweekly or monthly basis, that’s something we leave to each one’s choice. When you choose one of the two options, a new tab will appear in which we can choose the type of artist we want to receive alerts, from classical artists to flamenco, modern or folk artists and the different profiles within each sector.

Now you know the easiest way to be aware of the latest artists that will visit your location and that you can count on for your events. As an artist, don’t forget to activate the option to appear in these alerts so you don’t miss opportunities that can help you fill your schedule, which is the main purpose you were looking for when you registered in ArtistsOntheWay.


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