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If you attended your geography classes you will know that our planet is divided by an imaginary line called equator that leaves us two totally different hemispheres, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere we find all of Europe, North America and most of Asia and Africa. In the southern hemisphere we have Antarctica, southern Asia, a third of Africa, all of Australia and almost 90% of South America.

One of the advantages of using the technological medium in cultural management is that we can reach a much larger audience without having any geographical barriers to do so. This is what we are going to try to explain in this article, the possibilities that AOW brings to cultural management with a tool that can be accessed from any corner of the world.


ArtistsOntheWay: Breaking the geographical barrier

One of the most striking changes between hemispheres is that of the seasons. When in the northern hemisphere we are enjoying summer, those in the southern hemisphere welcome winter and vice versa. It is a reality that in the summer season events are more numerous since people are on vacation and have more free time for leisure. The seasons are over but not everywhere, so why not take the leap to the other hemisphere?

The bravest will jump headlong into this adventure, but it would certainly be easier with a support like the one AOW can give you. Once you arrive, you can check our website to see if there is an event or casting in your destination city and put in the calendar that you are in the area in order to receive offers from promoters. The promoters of the city will be able to receive new artists that fit in their projects and help them to satisfy that offer, reducing in good proportion the number of events cancelled due to lack of qualified artists and technicians. At the same time, they will save the cost that would have been involved in bringing those artists directly and paying for their lodging.

What we want to make clear with this example is the range of opportunities that AOW offers in the cultural world and its importance in promoting a greater circulation of artists globally.


AOW an application by all and for all

If there is one thing that characterizes the world of technology, it is its wide reach. The Internet arrived to revolutionize the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we relate to each other, and so on. Until now, the technological tools that were created around the cultural world have served only as a means of propaganda, being of little use to promoters, artists and technicians.

An application like AOW is essential to unite these two agents of the cultural world, so we encourage more events to take place, especially those that are suspended for lack of supply to meet the demand. As we have mentioned on other occasions, promoters are not aware that the solution to the problem is very close to them, and there was no tool to help them get out of this mistake, at least until now.

In short, ArtistsOntheWay’s goal is to create a large global community of artists, technicians and promoters that will help the world’s cultural offerings to grow and become larger and larger. Let’s not forget that the cultural sector is one of the most important in the world economy and that after the global pandemic of COVID, it is essential to resume the activity of this economic sector.


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