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ArtistsOntheWay creates opportunities for technicians and artists

Previously we have already talked about how our ArtistsOntheWay APP can help promoters who are looking for artists and technicians to cover the demand needed to organize an event. Normally, when we talk about this point, we focus on artists, but the cultural world is much broader and the jobs that are offered are numerous.

In the following article we will see what professions are found within the technical team of an event, but we will also focus on the opportunities that new artists can find in the current cultural scene. All this, so that you understand where the AOW application is at and how it can help these key players in the cultural world.


Who is part of the technical team of an event?

Promoters and artists may be the most visible part among the agents that are part of the cultural world, but no show or event could take place without a technical team specialized in different disciplines. Promoters know a lot about this and they have probably spent many hours of their working life looking for the right person for each position.

At AOW we didn’t want to forget about them as they are a fundamental part and they also find few options when it comes to finding jobs or filling their schedules. Apart from recommendations, word of mouth and some sporadic job offers on one of the most famous job search portals, the truth is that they do not find many other opportunities. On the other hand, promoters are also unaware of the existence of professionals around them that they can count on. To put an end to this problem, ArtistsOntheWay also adds a technician profile so that these professionals can find more opportunities both in their environment and when they leave it.

But which technicians are needed at an event? It will depend a lot on the type of event to be held, however, the most prominent are usually:

  • Lighting technicians: they are in charge of the assembly and control of the scenographic effects and lighting systems. They may include table operators, lighting designers, riggers, etc.
  • Sound technicians: they will be in charge of guaranteeing a perfect sound system in the space and the control of the sound equipment. They range from table operators to microphone operators.
  • Decorators: depending on the event, it may also be necessary to have someone in charge of the construction of the decor and the redefinition of the space to adapt it to the event. Here you can find blacksmiths, carpenters, painters, engineers…
  • Video technicians: if the event includes LED screens or content projections, these must be created beforehand and for this we will need graphic control technicians, filmmakers, camera operators, etc.
  • Director and coordinator: among the technicians there is also the figure of the directors and coordination technicians who will ensure that everything is executed to perfection, from assembly to disassembly.


What opportunities do new artists have in the cultural world?

If we focus on the artists and, above all, on the new ones that burst onto the cultural scene, we have to talk about the lack of opportunities that they often find. If it is already difficult for a renowned artist to cope with the consequences of the pandemic, imagine what an Odyssey it will be for those who have not yet had a chance to prove their worth.

It’s a shame because, according to studies, we are in a time of splendor for the cultural world in terms of emerging artists and it is something that is not being taken advantage of as it should be due to lack of knowledge. If we go to the figures, renowned artists occupy 3% of cultural events worldwide, leaving a large space for new artists. The worst thing is that many events end up being cancelled or shortened because they cannot meet the demand, something that promoters are noticing and looking for a solution to end this problem.

This is one of the reasons why ArtistsOntheWay was born to give visibility to both projects and artists, especially for those who need that opportunity to keep growing. Artists find few opportunities and the ones they find do not fit their geographic preference, two problems that are solved in a satisfactory way by using the AOW APP.


What ArtistsOntheWay can do for Technicians and Artists

We are currently facing a time of resurgence in the cultural industry, which has suffered a major hiatus due to the global COVID19 pandemic that has affected every corner of the globe. This is one of the industries that brings in the most money to the economy, both at national, European and global level.

But, as we mentioned before, the needs of this industry are not fully covered and promoters or event producers still find it difficult to find artists to fill their demand. On the other hand, artists have major problems when it comes to finding the opportunity to shine and show their new ideas. In between there is also the difficulty for specialists and technicians to fill their schedules and find employment opportunities.

All this is what ArtistsOntheWay comes to solve, creating an online community where promoters can put their projects on display and artists can apply to them, finding only those jobs that fit their profile and within their geographical location. Because the problem is not that there are no artists and technicians with whom to carry out events, but the problem lies in the lack of tools that connect the agents that make cultural activity possible.


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