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ArtistsOnTheWay (AOW) is a digital platform through which artists, technical specialists and promoters can manage and optimize their artistic activity.

Artists and technicians can occupy the days and hours of free time left on their
schedule while they are on tour or traveling, communicating their availability through the platform globally, thus increasing the number of contracts.

Promoters will know the availability of artists and technicians near their location, having this information well in advance, in order to be able to complete their schedules, thus saving on production costs.

Direct access to calls such as showcases, casting, programming, events, proposals, that the promoters create and offer through the platform, reaching directly the corresponding artistic profiles.
The registration of the artists and reception by the promoters is done through the platform.

ArtistsOntheWay has tools such as “searches” by dates and areas, establishing filters to determine the type of profile, or directly by name, “radar” to receive notices of artists and technicians on selected dates and locations, “alerts” of availability notices created by the artists and technicians, which arrive by email to the promoters, “sharing” your dossier created in ArtistsOntheWay, and your calendar. And all this with direct contact between the artist or technician and the promoter, through ArtistsOntheWay’s internal chat.

Artists of the world, move!

How to use the app

For artists, sound, lighting and image technicians

All individual artists or groups, sound, lighting and image technicians, who want to take advantage of the free days they have on their tours and trips, to get more contracts. Artists only occupy between 25 and 45% of their potential days off.

By publishing on AOW the dates and geographical area of your tours, trips or other types of stays through the “My Calendar” tool, you have the possibility of multiplying your income by 3.

They will also receive proposals according to their profiles in which they will be able to register through the platform in an automated way. They can also search for other proposals according to the filters you set.

You can send availability alerts to the promoters by automated periodic mails. Create a complete dossier, with images, texts, videos and direct links to your information.
Share your dossier and Calendar by mail, messenger, whatsapp, etc.

Artists and technicians can also search for other artists and technicians by date, area or name, and contact them via chat.

And they will appear in the largest catalog of artists by territory and origin.

For the management of each artist’s profile, it is necessary to select whether it is managed by the artist himself, his representative or zone agent.

For cultural-artistic promoters and related sectors

Artistic-cultural promoters such as cultural managers and technicians, event promoters, owners of entertainment venues, concert halls, events, schools and academies, etc., will be able to locate artists according to their filters by geographic location and dates. In this way, promoters will be able to know in advance which artists will be available in their territories on the desired dates, and thus complete their schedules, reducing the travel and accommodation costs that would be involved in bringing these same artists from their territories of origin. Likewise, they will be able to cover last minute changes, substitutions or other needs.

Searches for artists and technicians can be made by date and territory, establishing different filters to determine the type of profile, or directly by name.

In ArtisOntheWay, each artist has a dossier visible to the promoter, with images, videos and direct access to their links.

Each artist’s calendar can also be available in full to the promoter, if the artist has not activated privacy, and in this case, the promoter can request it privately, so as to know the artist’s full availability.

They will be able to create all kinds of calls, which will be sent through ArtistsOntheWay to the selected artistic profiles. Those registered will appear in lists that they will be able to manage and download each request in pdf.

With “Radar”, the platform will notify you when an artist coincides in your territory, on the requested dates.

Periodic “alerts” notify by e-mail the artists that will be in the promoter’s territory on future dates, according to selected profiles.

My profile

You choose a profile between Artist, Technical Specialist or Developer. You can create as many new profiles as our professions. You can create several artist profiles, several promoter profiles, and at the same time, artist, technician and promoter profiles, if necessary. The artist will write his or her artistic name by which he or she will be recognized. The promoter must enter information about the entity in which he/she works, and his/her position. The privacy of the promoter is absolute at all times, being the only one who can contact directly with the artist or technician. Once the contact is established, their data is visible only to the contacted profile.

My Calendar

It allows you to mark the dates and respective places where you are going to be. It can be constantly updated, block days and share several territories on the same date if necessary. From your privacy you can decide who can see the calendar, being able to leave it hidden for everyone and only be seen under request of the interlocutor. It can be viewed in calendar mode and in list mode. Dates entered in the ArtistsOntheWay calendar are automatically synchronized with the user's regular calendar. The Calendar can be shared, by sending the profile with a single click, through the usual means, such as messenger, whatsup, mail, etc.

My Dossier

The description of the artist's or technical specialist's profile, where he/she inscribes his/her artistic discipline(s) and style, with a small text, photographs and link to other websites, such as his/her main website or other self-promotional websites that include his/her artistic information in a more extensive way. Different dossiers can be created for each discipline in which the artist or technical specialist is specialized, in case you want to differentiate for the same profile, different qualities and artistic activities.


Facilitates the search for artists. Promoters decide the various filters to locate artists on dates and territories according to disciplines and profiles. Artists can also search for each other. This is very useful in case, for example, one of the components has to be absent and an urgent replacement is needed. Promoters are exempt from being searched. Searches can be made by date and territory, by territory only, or directly by stage name. Searches by dates and territory offer the possibility of finding artists who will only be on tour, local artists on those dates, or both, as selected. With the search by territory only, ArtistsOntheWay offers the catalog of existing artists in each locality, province, region or country, as selected, by disciplines and artistic styles.


Through this tool, promoters can create calls for auditions, show cases, castings, proposals and calls for programming, etc., which will be sent directly to the promoters. the corresponding artistic profiles according to the selection made. From the main menu, by clicking on the calls button, the artist or technician can see a list of available calls according to their profile. In addition, you can search according to filters such as scope, cache range, dates, place and discipline. You can read the details of each call and register by sending your dossier or filling out the registration form, as requested by the promoter. In the registrations button you can see those in which you have registered. Those registered for each call will be sent directly to the promoter, in lists that can be managed and each application can be downloaded as a pdf file.


Artists, technicians and promoters communicate directly through ArtistsOntheWay Chat, without intermediaries, directly between each profile. Once the search for an artist or a technician has been performed, this contact can be established. It is possible to block users, if necessary. If there has been a contracting or performance agreement, the promoter may request to rate the artist through ``truthfulness``, ``punctuality`` and ``communication`` scores. These will appear in the public profile of the artist or technical specialist. Through the chat, the Calendar is requested to the artist or technician, in case he/she has set it as private.


In the case of finding an artist but that does not match the date in the desired territory, you can activate this tool, through which you can enter the desired filters and the APP will alert you once the artist matches these filters. A territory, a start and end date are indicated, and the APP will notify us when that artist is available on the selected date and territory.


Alerts are periodic mailings that promoters receive, containing the list of artists that will be touring in their territory, according to selected preference filters. The artists can decide when to appear in the alerts to the promoters.

Visitor statistics

Artists can find out in detail which territories are looking for them the most and which ones are most interested in profiles like theirs.

Share Dossier and Calendar

The ArtistsOntheWay dossier is used to discover and display artists' profiles in searches. It is also a perfect tool for self-distribution. Artists can send it directly with just one click to their contacts through the usual means: messenger, mail, whatsapp, etc. And the recipient will receive a message that will take him/her directly to your dossier on the app. In addition, sharing the dossier shares the calendar and availability, saving a lot of time in having to keep informing the contacts of changes and availability. You can also share the dossier of other artists found.